Who are we?


The Boston Center for Biblical Counseling (BCBC) is an upstart counseling center seeking to foster a culture of care that is gospel-centered, church-based, and clinically-informed throughout Greater Boston through counseling services and equipping resources.

Our History

The idea for BCBC started in 2015 with a series of conversations between two couples - Fletcher & Megan Lang and Alasdair & Lauren Groves.  Fletcher serves as the Executive Pastor at City on a Hill Church in Brookline and Somerville, and Alasdair serves as the Director of CCEF New England in Vermont.

BCBC intentionally aligns with the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF) model of care

Our Staff

Dr. Jeffrey Monk - Lead Counselor - Dr. Monk completed both his M.Div. (counseling emphasis) and his Ph.D. in Hermeneutics and Biblical Interpretation at Westminster Theological Seminary, Glenside, Pa. He has more than 11 years of counseling experience, which includes serving at Christian Counseling and Education Foundation, Glenside, Pa, and at Redeemer Counseling Services, NYC. He has also taught grad. MAC counseling students how to use the story of Scripture to reorient counselee's heart at Biblical Theological Seminary as well as Introduction to Christian Counseling and Theological Foundations of Counseling at Cairn University. Prior to graduate school, he served in as an assistant pastoral at Calvary Chapel, Westminster, England, for several years. 

He experienced with: depression, loss, addiction, anger, anxiety, OCD, overcoming failure (moral, vocational, or relational), difficulties with sexual identity, relationship problems & premarital counseling, couples counseling, career decisions, and mid-life related struggles.

He enjoys reading, cooking, film, and engaging contemporary cultural trends from a Christian worldview perspective. 

Fletcher Lang - Executive Director - Fletcher's role as Executive Director of BCBC is volunteer since his full-time job is that of Pastor at City on a Hill Church in Somerville. He holds an M.Div. in theology and is working on a D.Min. in Biblical Counseling, both from Southern Seminary. Fletcher enjoys reading, running, and cycling through Boston traffic without dying.

Megan Lang - Office Manager - BCBC has been as much of Megan's vision as it has been Fletcher's. She helped co-found the center and has been very involved every step of the way. As the office manager, Megan handles much of the day-to-day operations of the organization such as billing and booking. She and Fletcher have two small children, and she enjoys reading and distance running.


Our Board

Fletcher Lang - Executive Director of BCBC and Pastor at City on a Hill - Brookline/Somerville
Alasdair Groves - Director of CCEF New England and School of Biblical Counseling
Curtis Cook - Pastor of Hope Fellowship - Cambridge
Enoch Liao - Pastor at Boston Chinese Evangelical Church
Mark Russell - Business leader at Cervello - Boston

Our Values

We are gospel-centered. 
We are church-based.
We are clinically-informed.

Our Vision

In 5 years:

  • We hope to have one central location in Boston with 5-10 counselors at locations spread throughout the metro region.

  • We hope to have 50 charter churches who are partnering with us in fostering a culture of care.

  • We hope to have a yearly pastor cohort where pastors can dive deeper into addressing issues of their own hearts and the hearts of their congregants.

  • We hope to host multiple equipping events a year such as marriage conferences, parenting trainings, and counseling trainings for local trainings.

  • We hope to develop “care advocates” at partnering churches to serve as a liaison and culture-makers in their local setting.

  • We hope to have a thriving internship program where counselors all over the country can gain experience and learn from our staff.